At different points in our lives we experience happy moments, but also tragic ones. In this emotional photo series, we see how one person overcomes their dark past and stands strong immersed in the light of their new beginnings. As a portrait photographer, I realized that we have the unique gift and ability to share our emotions with the world and bring change to those around us. During a dark time in my life, I needed an outlet to share my thoughts, and that's when I picked up my camera and shot this emotional series of portraits that documents finding hope in times of darkness. 


The Backstory

Every person is split between dark moments, and bright profound accomplishments. We are physically and emotionally split. Sometimes our past creeps up on us and we become immersed in it. We become susceptible to our pain and suffering thus causing us to lose our own humanity. However, under a blanket of darkness, emerges a light; a light that removes all the darkness from us and leaves us in a shining layer of happiness and potential. We become humans again, full of light and beauty. Our dark past is left behind in the dust of our new beginnings. 



The Shoot

Whenever I'm feeling an intense emotion and what to get it off my chest, I shoot portraits. For this shoot I knew I wanted to something bigger than I have ever done before.So I reached out to creative director Sarah Sherman who helped me with the concept, film maker Henry Max to put together a behind the scenes video, and incredible model Eli Rosenberg to help bring the vision to life. It's incredible what you could do with a crew who are equally as passionate, that's when we create magic.  It's an amazing feeling.